Hiking Without Dave

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Hiking Without Dave is a true account of failure, grief, forgiveness, and healing. When CW Spencer lost his kid brother Dave to suicide, he was devastated. Threatened with unrelenting guilt, he finally made the decision to step out of the dark place in which he found himself and begin his journey of healing. It involved a hike of the entire 1,444 miles of the Buckeye Trail in Ohio over a three-and-a-half-year period, during which time he journaled his experiences and thoughts to Dave. In the book, his journal writings are cleverly intertwined with stories from CW’s 47 years with his brother. Though Hiking Without Dave addresses the serious topic of suicide, the reader will find that it also contains many humorous stories and a message of hope.

Hiking Without Dave will appeal to not only hikers and people experiencing the effects of suicide, but also to anyone who enjoys reading inspiring stories of how everyday people deal with real life struggles.